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innov8 development provides a range of outplacement services and outplacement programmes to support individuals and organisations through change and career transition.


Supporting positive transitions


innov8 development outplacement services

Sometimes organisational changes mean workforce changes, and the need to make redundancies. Outplacement services provides positive supported exits for employees whose roles are redundant helping them to go with a positive message, their self-esteem intact and the skills to make the transition.  Outplacement services also helps to maintain the motivation and productivity of the remaining people, improving the organisation's reputation (internally and externally) and increasing the organisation's ability to retain key staff during times of change.  All outplacement work is tailored to the needs of your people and your organisation.




Supported exits for employees


innov8 leavers support programme

Key elements of typical individual and group programmes include:

The employment marketplace - Skills audit & analysis - Winning CVs & application forms - Self marketing - Interview & selection skills - Maintaining confidence & momentum

The leavers support programme is designed as a minimum one day programme, that can be delivered as two, half days. Additional one - three day job-search workshops are also available.




 "Survivors" programmes


innov8 dealing with change

Often the impact on the "survivors" of redundancies and reorganisation is something that is not recognised. Employees remaining with the organisation, irrespective of level, may need support and training at this time in order to deal positively with change, and to maintain motivation and productivity through change

Half day workshops designed to focus on dealing with change; programme includes:

The impact and consequences of change - How people react to change - Prepare for the emotional aspects of change - Reducing stress & maintaining motivation during change 


and for managers …...


innov8 leading & managing change

Half day workshops designed to focus on leading and managing with change; programme includes: 

Effectively communicate change to colleagues to minimise uncertainty - How people react to change & how to support them - How to get commitment for change - Influence personal reactions to change - Working through resistance to buy-in - Why change can cause conflict -  How to deal with conflict - Appreciate the personal & organisational impact of change




innov8 career transition - overcoming the challenges of internal interviews

Applying for and being interviewed for a role with a current employer may appear straightforward, after all, the organisation, people and culture are familiar and past performance is known.  However, recruiting managers report that internal candidates often have a "false sense of security", are ill prepared and under perform at the interview.  Internal interviews are not casual conversations about performance development and require as much preparation as external applications. 

Half day workshops to focus on preparing for internal interviews to demonstrate abilities and achievements, in order to present a strong application.  Programme includes:

Skills audit & analysis - Winning CVs & application forms - Preparing evidence - Interview & selection skills - Turning the internal interview from a challenge into an advantage




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